Oklahoma AG makes a move against the gambling couple “Allied Veterans of the World”

The couple Chase and Kristin Burns are being denied their request for the release of the $8 million seized amount

The US headlines earlier this year were full of gambling fraud from internet cafes case that begun in Florida but made its way across a number of other states as officials from federal enforcement bodies apprehended 57 people on charges of felony in connection to the charity “Allied Veterans of the World”.

Among them was the based in Oklahoma International Internet Technologies owner, the 37-year-old Chase Burns, together with his wife Kristin, from whom the Oklahoma authorities has seized $8 million as part of the enforcement action.

The couple asked for the return of their money, but their plea was denied by a local judge on Friday.

As investigations in the case are undergoing, a senior politician from Florida has resigned due to being involved in the scandal, which allegedly led to inly two per cent of the $300 million profits go to the charity for veterans.