Is Reid ready to make another push to introduce federal poker-only bill

Will he be lucky the third time?

The Nevada democrat and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may be trying to make another attempt to legalize online poker-only bill via the Congress, as reported by the gambling expert from Las Vegas, Anthony Curtis.

Curtis wrote on his website Las Vegas, quoting undisclosed sources that indicate Reid was attempting to introduce a federal solution for the third time that would serve the interests of the American Gaming Association and land gambling moguls by restricting legalization only to online poker.

?After he declared his effort to introduce a bill, the senator from Nevada Harry Reid is ready to introduce a new bill legalizing only poker of which is believed to have won the support and the necessary votes to pass before the year comes to an end,? wrote Curtis.

?A compact between New Jersey and Nevada is integral to the play. It will make it possible for a joint online-governing body to be established between the two states.?

Recently Reid adopted a pessimistic view on what chances on the two measures for federal legalization have to pass through Congress this year. He referred to an overall proposal by Peter King, the New York representative and an initiative concerning only poker by Texas Rep. Joe Barton.